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Use Steel Shelves To Create An Entire Wall Organization System

Our Steel Wall Shelves can create a complete wall storage system. Depending on which shelf we install, each can store up to 250 to 450 pounds each. With reinforced stiffeners and grid system, our steel wall shelves is sure to
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Peoria Installation 24 Piece Steel Track System

Check out this tool wall. Talk about organized. Another happy camper from Peoria. They purchased a 9 piece and 15 piece Steel Wall Track System. Together they were able to get all their tools off the ground.  Visit and Like
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Garage Cabinet Work Station in Goodyear

How about a nice clean look extra long worktop for those summer projects. This Goodyear customer has all the storage they need to for all their summer and fall project.


Check out this customer floor nice and clean look. This Phoenix resident went with a solid, partial chip and single coat. Now his covered driveway looks best in the neighborhood. Visit and Like us on facebook.

Cabinets and Two 4’x8′ Ceiling Rack Installed

Dove grey cabinet job. Another satisfied customer in Peoria new the Lake Pleasant area. We were able to fit a four piece cabinet set with two ceiling 4’x8′ racks. After we were done, the customer had more room than ever.
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TGOC AZ is on Facebook

We are finally on social media. Our Phoenix Installation website is happy to deliver the latest and greatest. Please visit us on facebook for deals and updated information about our products. You never know, we may post exclusive offerings to
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At Strong Racks, we offer an overhead garage rack that effectively revolutionizes your garage storage capabilities. The advantage of an overhead racks is that it places storage in a location that would otherwise go un-used, leaving your other garage areas
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A garage storage system is the solution for every garage storage situation. Here at strong racks, we realize that organizing the garage is difficult, which is why we have spent years designing our state of the art garage storage systems.
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If garage organizing is at the top of your to-do list you want to get it checked off as soon as possible. A garage can become cluttered over time, leaving you feeling as if garage organizing is impossible. However, with
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At Strong Racks, we offer the highest quality and strongest and safest garage storage systems available anywhere. These garage storage systems are made from only the most durable components, helping to give them their impressive strength. The Ins and Outs
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If your garage storage is ineffective, installing a garage overhead storage system may be the solution for you. Overhead space can be used to store various items, and an effective storage system can maximize the space available in your home
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Almost anything can be stored on garage overhead shelves. Overhead shelves are installed on the ceiling, allowing you to use that ceiling space that would otherwise be overlooked for storage. Here at Strong Racks, we offer overhead garage shelves capable
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Here at Strong Racks, we make it our goal to offer a storage solution perfect for any situation. Often times when a garage is used as the primary storage location in a home, it is not used in the most
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The garage can provide a great place to store many items, and can easily be modified to maximize its storage potential. To unlock your garage’s storage potential, garage racks or storage shelves will need to be installed. With the right
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Many items of all different sizes and shapes can be stored on a garage rack. A garage rack utilizes overhead ceiling space, opening up the floor space for other uses. Overhead garage racks are installed on the ceiling of your
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A good way to maximize your garage storage area is to install garage overhead storage. Garage ceiling space if often overlooked when searching for a place to store items. Garage cabinets and shelves take up valuable floor space when in
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Now is the time to check “organize garage” off of your to do list. Cluttered garages provide only a limited storage area, and can become increasingly difficult to organize. Garage storage racks or other organization systems can help to transform
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Garage storage racks come in several sizes and strengths, and can store about any item overhead, while at the same time saving space. You may be able to find some overhead storage racks at hardware or home improvement stores, however,
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Garage Storage Solutions Strong Racks proudly offers our customers the strongest and safest garage storage solutions on the market today. We don’t see why your garage shouldn’t be able to store all the items you want in it, while maintaining
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Garage shelves are a great addition to any garage being used for storage. Various things can be placed on garage shelves, and they work great for storing just about any smaller sized item. Garage shelves are a great asset to
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overhead rack competitors Other competitors develop storage products for the kitchen, office, garage, basement, or attic. In addition for their overhead racks, they also carry shelving units and other storage accessories. Like , Strong Racks, competitors might develop garage storage
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Garage Storage Rack For home owners looking for a garage storage rack, Strong Racks is the provider of the industry’s strongest and safest garage storage racks, and we are sure to have a perfect storage solution for your garage. When
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Garage Shelving Strong Racks is the nation’s premier developer of the strongest and safest garage storage racks available, allowing you to revolutionize the way that items are stored in your garage. We also manufacture garage shelving products, allowing you to
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Garage Racks To remedy the problem of a garage that is overloaded with storage, one should consider investing in a garage rack storage system. A garage can be rendered useless by being packed with storage; however, garage racks are capable
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Overhead Garage Storage The best way to maximize the storage ability of a garage is to utilize overhead garage storage products. When used for storage, a garage floor can quickly become cluttered if storage is haphazardly placed into the garage.
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Garage Storage A problem that faces many home owners that wish to use their garage for storage is the lack of garage storage space available. If a large amount of items are being stored in the garage, even a large garage
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